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Sometimes life throws us a curveball in the form of long-term care. When a loved one can no longer care for themselves there are a multitude of worries and uncertainties that a family will face. If planned for correctly, the financial piece does not have to be one of them. estimates that the average cost of skilled nursing in CA and TX ranges from $5,019-$11,437 per month depending on level of care and room type.


Between 2016-2020 the annual cost of skilled care increased between 6-18%.  Many people do not realize that there are alternative options to spending down. At Prosper Financial Services, we will consult with you and assist you in implementing a long-term care plan that can help offset most or all of your healthcare expenses and allow you to save most of what you and your family worked so hard for. Medicaid, Veteran’s Benefits, and traditional long-term care insurance options are all a possibility. Give us a call today or click here for your complimentary consultation.

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